Monday, November 7, 2011


Praise to the great Lord for every blessings, in every humanely form I can take and savor for the next chapters in life. Study has been good though there are still rooms for improvement (eg: doing report instead of updating blog:P), family is doing great, friends are back and ready to share laughter once again (I sincerely miss every single one of you), romance has been a smooth sailing and more opportunities for self-improvement.

I'm utterly excited for the leadership symposium. This would be my official solo workshop/seminar and I'm a little nervous on what to expect from the 3-days program. Well, I mean this is definitely a good thing as it will give a better chance for me to apply for SIFT (which reminds me that I have to work on my resume etc after all assignments are done) but I'm still nervous. Probably a little skeptical but hey, that's what I am.

Winter is coming and Cuba is calling. All I need is to find ways to get a lot of money, ASAP. Any ideas?

ps: US Visa is not yet done:(
pss: I should really apply for one like, now!

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