Thursday, February 9, 2012


Salam and hello,

A week before another awesome chance to discover and explore the world from the eyes of geologist. Before the excitement starts, I have to endure another week of midterm and labs and readings to be settled so that once I come back from Grand Canyon (via La Vegas!), I will not be overwhelmed with the workload.

A list of things to do/get it over with:
1)319 Labs - 2
2) 441 Labs and data extraction
3) 441 readings :(
4) Structural lab (man, you totally pull my grade down yesterday)
5) Aqueous geochem midterm
6) Archaeo essay

I wish not to make you feel bored with the list of things that explains quite a lot about my school life but hey, that's the only thing I can think about right now. Also I need to buy some socks, hats (beanies) and lotion for the field trip. Don't want my skin to dry and crack up during the hike and sleeping in the tent with temperature below minus.

Thank god for geology, I love what I am doing now and it gives me good opportunity to just go around and places that not everyone can go to.

I wonder where geology will take me next year. Perhaps Hawaii:)

Now that, would be a totally cool field trip.

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