Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The final leg of the run

Here is the list of 'incidents' that took place during sem 2 exam

1. Econs was pretty good. As usual, i put down my pen a second BEFORE the Ikram collected my papers. See, I don't obey instructions.

2. Stats. Oh, what else can I say... It will NOT help to improve my grades

3. Math. My brain exploded.

4. Physics. A serene subject. Not that much fuss.

Hohohoho.. 3 more to go!!


Cik TiRa said...

windu kamooo
study mane skrg??
lamer x dgr cter..u have YM??

link me to ur blog


sarah said...

mama!!! rindu kamu!!!

ahuyy~ said...

hello penpal!!