Sunday, July 12, 2009


Forgive me for being too lazy. A wi-fi class with 16 degrees temperature doesn't improve my laziness to update my beloved blog. After a while, I guess it's time to write something.

Last Monday, the seniors received their IB results. Some pulled it through, others just failed to do so. Surprisingly, 1 just wasted the 2 years of living in a such-prison-like college and ended up with nothing but tiredness and symptoms of mental breakdown. That'll be me IF I spent my precious 2 years of doing IB and do not receive anything, ANYTHING, not even a diploma from IBO. Such.A.Total.Waste

The pressure is building on my brain and shoulders. Teachers are expecting me to get as excellent as Fathul. 45......(shit)

Transformers is all over my head now. Optimus' majestic voice, Bumblebees's hot yellow Camaro body, the cute face of Shia and the freaking, melting hot MEGAN FOX. I feel like a lesbian everytime I think of her. I wish I could trade my body with hers.. just for a day and I'll be asking nothing for the rest of my short life:)

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