Sunday, August 30, 2009



I thought that Raya break will only start on the 18th.


It starts on the 11th. And I can be at KLIA to send Fathul.

2 weeks of holiday, Raya in KL, you should experience this at least once in your life. When no neighbours around and the only crowd left is your family, things are sure to get pretty lonely. Heck, this will be the third Raya in the heart of Malaysia. You may think that this is pathetic, heck no.

I love my life, again:)


a h u y y said...

penpal raya kl gak ke..?
best what.
aku dah 4 thn kat kl.

syazwa sasquatch said...

itu yang best.
tak de org nk ganggu kite.

sarah said...

huu...dh ada kawan raya kt kl! x la lonely sgt:)

Irma Iza said...

dah 5 tahun irma raya kat kl kot.