Sunday, September 27, 2009


These are the things that you will do with your friends after two weeks of holiday. Bear in mind that at this time around, there are no people around and the rooms are deserted except for three rooms, F12*, F12* and F12*.

1. Pretending that the EE deadline is not going to be extended.
2. Online, laugh at people's comments and photos in Facebook.
3. Chat with another friend of yours that is not there to join you because she has to be maid for two days since her parents have decided to host open house.
4. Prank her using ym.

How to do it??
1. Pretend that you are high because of weeds or anything.
2. Pretend again to be a boy.
3. This 'boy' must chat with your friend to prove 'his' existence.
4. This prank must be done in your room so that your friend will assume the 'boy' is with you.

If you do not understand the instructions, help yourself with a cup of coffee:)

Ps: Thank you IRMA:p


Irma Iza said...

kenapa no.3 bunyi lain macam???? HAH?!

Irma Iza said...

okay so bukan no.3 je tapi THE WHOLE POST!


sarah said...