Monday, September 14, 2009


Math handbook, i forgot whether i left in my class or it is stuffed inside my bagpack. I feel the train of thoughts has finally reached its maximum speed. The word came out from my mouth did not make any sense, i had to do simple calculation using GDC (referring to syazana), my fashion sense had turned from 'makcik' to 'nenek'.

I care little about raya. Honestly, i m almost 19 and the amount of green packets i collected last year was 20, ONLY.

This is the part where I hate to be grown up. Childish if I asked mom to make baju kurung out of japanese cotton, or asked my dad to clean the car, get rid of all the junkies inside it so that it will be easier for me to sit coyly while he drives around to my friend's houses. The downside of being an IB atudent is that holiday seems to be a period of people getting emotional.


Shisha anyone?:)


Anonymous said...

mn ada childish pkai bj japanese cotton. aku pkai jee.

sarah said...

hehe.. thanx kina