Tuesday, May 3, 2011


(The good 'ol University College and Hart House)

I didn't bid goodbye to winter. How sad. The crazy weather in this big city has totally makes me feel all weird. It can get so cold that it feels like winter all over again and the next day, you wake up with the Sun shines brightly and splashes its ray directly onto your face. Not a bitch.

Life is not an asshole if you treat it nicely. Despite all the mishaps and the bad lucks you had encountered before, there is always that hidden someone laughing at you while hiding in a bush. That person is a bitch. But life.. No, it is not. So yeah. Gear up for the fun in life because hey, you may never know if you will see the Sun again tomorrow.

First year isn't so bad.

Second year.. let's see.. 4 months from now:)

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