Saturday, July 16, 2011


You are not a Malaysian if you dislike/hate food. Wherever you go, people would just make themselves available for 'food feast' or shall I say, kenduri? Pennyless, effortless, and all you have to do is dress up and make yourself presentable as the bride/groom's friend. A complete package meal with all the necessities in the food pyramid is fulfilled. Well, minus the fat and cholesterol percentage which un-surprisingly manage to exceed the amount required by one's body.

I always love food. I can't think of any moments where this word can be a nightmare to me. Despite all the harsh words I said about food whenever the number on the weighing scale increased, deep down in my stomach I would never hate them. In fact, you should cherish this magnificent gift. Being myself whose culinary skill is close to null, I occasionally find myself
envying those who can cook. Bahaaaa more things to learn then!

So, don't ever take it seriously if I start to rant about food 'cause now you know, if I'm down, get me a chocolate cake and I will be all good again.
ahhhh much love in this world, eh?


Leng Chai said...

hahaha everybody loves to eat..
cooking? for those who have the guts

sarah said...

YEAHHH since aku duk umah next smstr aku kna bljr msk:(