Thursday, August 11, 2011


It makes me want to puke when "non-utaraian" (people who weren't born or raised in the northern parts) try their ass off to speak "utara". I have the liability to say that because I am fluent in it. Simply because my mom was from Kedah and the whole maternal sides do not speak other accents except "utara" despite residing in Kuala Lumpur for at least 25 years. Do not tell me not to brag about it because I can definitely survive and no vendors/sellers can tell me fibs about any ridiculous prices or offers they have to offer me if fate was to put me in one of the northern states.

Whenever actors spoke their lines and tried to convince the audiences on how good they can be when it came to the necessity to put on the accent (as to fulfill the needs from the directors and scriptwriters)... it was sad just to know their efforts were nothing but simply jokes on themselves. Well, that is a good feeling compare to anguish as the actings were shameful plays on the "utarian".


Because "utarian" do not speak that way.

So don't you dare speak/put on any accents if you are not fluent because it makes me either want to puke or give you a damn good slap.


Leng Chai said...

lol marah nampak...
chill la sarah

sarah said...

haha aku mmg dok panas psl bnd ni dri dlu lg. also aku pns dgn sorg kwn kita ni

Leng Chai said...

Apsal? Ade kaetan ngan loghat utara gak ke?

sarah said...

haha xde kaitan sbnrnye cuma biasa la dh lupakn kwn. dlu beria ckp jgn lupakan la apa la. aleh2 dia mmg x igt lgsg kt aku