Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Facebook, Twitter, blog, you name it. In this cloudy afternoon I should be sweeping the dusty floor and not sitting on the chair updating my blog. But the duty can wait.

Friends come and go. You might call him your best friend but he may not feel the same way about it. Humm weird. So, should you still call him your BFF? In this ever changing world, where everybody (literally everybody) is connected with the next person by at most a chain of 6 people they ever encountered in life, you can't help but the feel sad when a person you used to treasure somehow abandoning the God-forsaken-memories for a better or more acceptable people. The 'Hi's and hello's' are just another wall spam on his wall. Maybe this is a sign for a fresh, new start.

So kudos to you dear friend. If you ever consider of re-kindling our friendship, you know where to find me. But for now, I have better things to do e.g. cleaning my room.

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