Tuesday, June 12, 2012


For the past few months (since the last time I updated my blog), I have been doing a lot of thinking about my future. The super short-term goals, short-term goals, long-term goals which include my studies, money and wedding. Alhamdulillah, my winter term was good although Structural killed my GPA like there's no other way that it can become any better. 2 weeks after my last exam, I went for a field course in Whitefish Falls, northern Ontario. A small town near Sudbury and very much close to Lake Huron. I was in love in the area so much because the sceneries were breathtaking. And for the first time in life, I got to see beavers, in their real environment! And beavers' damp!! That thing is monstrous damp I tell you.

Kicking off summer with nothing but going out almost every day and enjoying the heat. It feels like Malaysia since sweating is no longer a privilege (how I wish I can sweat during winter, but come to think of it, those droplets are just gonna make the coldness even worse). I will have a new place for next semester which is less fancy than my current place but oh well, just need to be grateful with whatever you have. New York is not happening! Because I need to save up money for the new place and other important stuff ie. shopping, shopping and more shopping. 

Ahnaf will be graduating next Wednesday and Friday will be the day I'm flying off to Malaysia. 2 months without him will suck a lot since I have been spending time with him, every day. We have been talking a lot about our future and to tell you the truth, it's kinda scary. I am excited to settle down once my study is complete and earn some moolah for house and money-making investment. With wedding invitations from friends filling up my Facebook's events list, I'm starting to think that marriage is nothing that can be rushed. Ending my school life with just a degree is not something I intend to do and same goes with him, so we have a big plan about marriage and continuing our study to earn a Master's Degree. I will not take more about this since I believe it should only be for the two of us, perhaps families but not for all to know.

Winter 2012 will be good. I can feel it in the air. Also who's up for South America tour?! Give me a shout out!

PS: London. BAMM! 

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