Saturday, March 21, 2009


7 favorite persons
1. my mom
2. my dad
3. fathul aizat
4. syazana omar
5. dayana alya
6. sarah 'alyaa'
7. anis azmani

7 favorite items
1. handphone
2. shoes
3. my lappie@laptop
4. my big chunky bangles
5. my carved ring
6. mr hubby bear
7. fathul's necktie

7 missions
1. please pass the IB exam with good points (cut-off point)
2. land a place in BC Uni
3. be a super stylish geologist
4. get married and have kids with youknowho
5. 1 year of travelling
6. make my family happy (cliche, i know)
7. join WWF, fight and protect nature

I wonder if the world is a meeting place where people constantly bump into each other and the next second you realise this person has a connection with an acquaintance or a friend and you can draw a string of web connecting everyone around you. But, you cannot stop the emptiness you feel. It's like a hole, filled with sand and muddy soil and each rain drops will reveal the hole again.

I don't know why but I begin to lose trust on him. Paranoia. I should seek for help.


daynadnan said...

get married with youknowho?

im not very clear about that

anis?izwan? matpe?


sarah said...

dayana.. OF COURSE none of the boys mentioned.
mstila fathul aizatku