Friday, March 20, 2009


Let's talk about girlie stuff. Boys, fashion, make up and more boys. I am so grateful to be born as a girl. I have curves though I am not that curvaceous. Regular basis of money spending is on shoes. Seriously. Bored is my biggest, most powerful reason to buy a new pair of shoes. Sorry but that's me. I don't buy super killer heels or extra high wedges because..well, some reasons. Don't mind.

Make up is so cool. You can play with the brushes and palettes and powders and never get sick of it. The golden rule is experiment. Stand in front of the mirror, take your make up bag and dab everything on your face. Haha... It's FUN!!

Play dress up is my dream. I want to have a closet, a monstrous size full of jeans and T-shirts from Ed Hardy and scarfs hanging with wide range of hues. From white to super black. Shoes arranged from 6-inch heels to thongs. And a 4 foot mirror so I can praise and talk to myself in front of it telling how beautiful I am.

dayana and syazana pakai ini. saya tunggu semua
produk habis.


daynadnan said...

saye tahu kenape awak tanak beli kasut tinggi..
tidak mengape saye menghadapi benda yg sma

sarah said...

anda sangat memahami dayana