Saturday, October 12, 2013


Fall has always been my favorite, particularly this year. Since this is going to be last time to enjoy the 4 seasons, I decided to embrace everything that the seasons bring along. For example:

1. Fall-the brown and gold leaves, the breeze that blows away all the falling leaves, the chilly yet sunny weather, sweater in the early morning, t-shirt during the day and back to sweater in the evening.

2. Winter-the cold, the snow, the strong wind that makes everyone hugs themselves tightly, the coffee run to nearest Timmys or Second Cup, winter boots and jackets, layers and layers of clothes

3. Spring-constant rain, flower buds, chilly morning, wet fields, smell of grass after the rain, perfect time to wear flower-patterned clothes and scarfs.

4. Summer-ice coffee for $1, sweaty yet dry weather, flip-flops and sandals, basking under the sun, and... GRADUATION!

May God ease my journey, alongside with my friends.

6 months until the last day of exam.
8 months to graduation.

Graduation request, done. Now to wait for the emails for grad photo session and ceremony dates to be posted :)

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