Thursday, February 14, 2013


I have always been interested in arts. My mother is an art teacher and she used to work at Kraftangan and Guthrie, when she was in charged to design the school's desks (remember, the brown desk that we used to have back in primary school? Yup she designed it and the only prototype left is at my house). She was featured in Berita Harian (I believe) twice due to her batik designs on shoes when worked with Kraftangan. I am very proud of her.

My sister is currently studying architecture. She is more creative than me ever since she was a kid. I remembered when she was 2 or 3, she stayed up until 2am because she discovered the magic of a pair of scissors. Totally immersed in what the scissors can do, it was like she under a spell.

My brother has the artistic streaks in him too. He can draw better than kids older than him and the drawings were all done without anyone teaching him. I am excited to see more of his drawings in the future.

My father is secretly a good sketcher. One of the times when he decided to sketch something on the newspaper, I suddenly realised that, "Hey, dad can draw too". But it only happens once in a blue moon.

What a long retrospection!

Here are my latest sketches that I did yesterday. Your comments are highly appreciated. I also uploaded the photos of my sketches in FB. Critics/comments are welcomed:)

I thought about Harry Potter's owl and I drew this.

One of the picturesque sights you can see in Winter, snow covered bushes.



Ahnaf Satari said...

Keep on drawing little princess ;)

sarah said...

thank u baby! xoxo<3