Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's snowing outside but it won't be as bad as last week which is good. But the snow doesn't affect my daily routine or should I say my reading week routine.

This is my first reading week where I'm not outside of Canada. My first reading week was in Chile and my first time in South America. I have been a big fan of the continent because of its colourful cultures, my dream came true in February 2011 when I was there for a field trip.
On top of one the mountains in the Andes Range.

6 hours of climbing and got my 10.5cm scar on our way down from the mountain. With Hernan, Daphne and Lailmah.

 Last reading week was spent in another trip to SW USA. Another field trip with (almost) the same crowd. We have grown fond of each other and it feels different without them.
The morning after spending 2 nights in Death Valley.

 Truthfully, I don't have a lot of Malaysian friends in Canada because of my background (KMB, Petronas etc). I have one close Malaysian friend and we actually came to a conclusion that we are each other's close friend because we don't have a lot of Malaysian friends. We know the Malaysians but they are acquaintances, the one that you acknowledge as Malaysian when you bump into each other on the street. My closest friends are my classmates, from many backgrounds. We spent almost 3 years in the same classes, sleep in the same room, do coffee run in winter together, share our problems about school or personal matters and we shop together. I am not the type of person who will take pictures of every, single, thing and upload it on FB or Instagram (not that I have one) but I know that we cherish our friendships.

I am actually very glad that I'm not in UK or Ireland because the dense population of people that know me or have some sorta connections to me will make my life less private. It's as public as it can be and I don't need eye-prying people to mind my business.

Have you ever thought of having a more-private life?

Coffee, essential item to survive study period.

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